Sunday, December 27, 2015

[AUDIO FEATURE] Star Wars The Force Awakens

12/20/2015 - Major spoilers throughout entire recording.  Comprehensive discussion about Star Wars The Force Awakens.  Feature hosted by Ryan and Andrew.  Intro and outro music composed by John Williams, Star Wars the Force Awakens OST.

Explosion of Happiness 012 Cold Reception

12/26/2015 - The final podcast of 2015 marks a good time to reflect on the year and the podcast thus far.  Andrew brings up 'luck' in roguelikes.  Ryan battles illness to complain about overly preachy philosophy in modern games.  They both talk about their favorite games to come out this year and other major recent events like CISPA.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Explosion of Happiness 011 Bloodborne Bath

12/20/2015 - The game nuts are in a Bloodborne talky mood now that Ryan also owns a PS4.  Sony adopts Kojima productions. Andrew misses Demo's now that they've all but been replaced by early access.  Final Smash Bros DLC is out.  The greatest video game series of all time is getting a novel adaptation.  Hackers are planning to bring down XBL and PSN on Christmas again.  The widening gyre of Destiny players buyers remorse deepens.  Turok is back.  Steam's grip on the PC user base is worrying.  Tired of Star Wars yet?  EA's doing the whole eSports thing now.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Explosion of Happiness 010 Industry Nemesis

12/12/2015 - December downer mode continues with Andrew being sick and Ryan continuing to hit the bottle.  A light pierces the darkness with System Shock 3 being teased.  Skullgirls is the latest video game victim of censorship, by the developers themselves no less.  The game nuts talk about the absurd labyrinth that is console UI's now.  Valve going to the dark side continues to be a fear in the back of our minds.  VR on PS4.  Blizzard's acting shady about Overwatch.  Thoughts on XP treadmills in FPS.  Where's the eSports circlejerk leading competitive gaming as a whole?  Final Fantasy VII Remake is being sliced up.  Also related to Final Fantasy; if you're a fan, you'll probably pissed about the FFVI Steam release.  In prep for the Star Wars Audio Feature the game nuts make film predictions.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Explosion of Happiness 009 Podcast Insurrection

12/06/2015 -  Ryan drinks.  Andrew bought a PS4.  Free time is sparse all around.  Project M disappears.  New FFVII Remake trailer makes Andrew ranty.  PS4's PS2 emulation disappoints. Cross-platform multiplayer is the future.  The PSP digital store is being shut down, giving Ryan a reason to reminisce the release of the portable.  Rumors concerning Nintendo's NX.  Ryan expresses doubt on Psyconaughts 2.  Loadouts in Doom's multiplayer.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

December Difficulties

The final month of the year is an extremely hectic time for us due to work.  If the reality is that we can't line up our schedules to produce a recording then I'll make a blog post like this.  I view infrequent content updates to be the kryptonite of podcasts, so I won't do it unless there are no other options.

Once January rolls around everything should be back to normal.  Until then, expect late releases and shorter run times.  Next year we will plan ahead for this problem.

UPDATE 12/6/2015:  Podcast was recorded today, but due to technical difficulties it may not be up until later this week.