Saturday, December 12, 2015

Explosion of Happiness 010 Industry Nemesis

12/12/2015 - December downer mode continues with Andrew being sick and Ryan continuing to hit the bottle.  A light pierces the darkness with System Shock 3 being teased.  Skullgirls is the latest video game victim of censorship, by the developers themselves no less.  The game nuts talk about the absurd labyrinth that is console UI's now.  Valve going to the dark side continues to be a fear in the back of our minds.  VR on PS4.  Blizzard's acting shady about Overwatch.  Thoughts on XP treadmills in FPS.  Where's the eSports circlejerk leading competitive gaming as a whole?  Final Fantasy VII Remake is being sliced up.  Also related to Final Fantasy; if you're a fan, you'll probably pissed about the FFVI Steam release.  In prep for the Star Wars Audio Feature the game nuts make film predictions.

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