Friday, April 22, 2016

Explosion Of Happiness 029 Hurt Me Plenty

04/21/2016 - The Doom open beta left the game nuts very dissatisfied with ID and Bethesda's treatment of the IP.  The Titanfall 2 trailer leads Ryan to predict a future trend in trailers.  Rambo: The Video Game is getting free DLC for what ever reason that defies any and all logic in the universe.  Super Giant Games is coming out with an RPG.  Corpse Party is coming to Steam and 3DS and it's... Not getting censored?  John  Romero is teasing his new FPS on Twitter.  Ken Levine is working on a Twilight Zone interactive not-game or something.  Playstation Neo details.  Xbox 360 discontinued.  Star Fox Zero's critical reception was exactly as predicted.

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